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Our Journey

The question:

What does the future of beauty looks like?

After working for decades at some of the world's biggest beauty companies, we knew there was a real need for innovation with our health and the health of our planet in mind.

Everist started out as a low-waste brand, then a waterless brand. While we're still both of those things, we've heard over and over again that the unique composition of our formulas (a hybrid of hair and body care meets skincare) is what keeps our loyal customers coming back. There is no other product like our shampoo, conditioner and body wash creams, made in a base of glycerin and aloe vera instead of water. Created for optimal hair, scalp and skin health these high-performance concentrates also just happen to have a 77% smaller carbon impact.

What's better for the planet is very often what's better for us as well.


We're here for the Everists.

The future thinkers.

The blue-sky, outside-of-the-box, 'what if?' kind of dreamers.

We believe that it's time to rethink everything and create the beauty company of the future.

With your health and the health of the planet in mind, join us in doing things differently.


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By signing up for an Everist subscription, you authorize us to charge the credit card you've saved on file and ship products to you at the frequency you have selected. We'll always ship carbon-neutral and you can change your frequency or cancel at any time.

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