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We're here to make eco easier.
Imperfect environmentalists welcome.

We're not here to judge and we're certainly not perfect. We just want to make it easier to live a little lighter. We're complex humans, just like you, and believe that you can care about the planet and still want your hair to look great.

Our Journey

The question:

What does a beauty company without single-use plastic look like?

The answer was harder to crack. We knew from living inside the beauty world that this was a major problem, but we didn’t know quite how to fix it. 

We knew that first and foremost, performance had to be number one. We knew the formulas would need to be clean. We knew the products would need to be convenient and easy to use. We knew to make big change whatever we launched would need to be better in every way than the status quo.

And so, after many, many explorations and trials, Everist was born. We’re on a mission to fix the beauty industry’s plastic problem (and make your hair and skin look amazing in the process). We hope you love our products as much as we do.

Jayme & Jessica

That's you

Beauty for

We’re here for the Everists – the eco-optimists and the blue sky thinkers.

Those looking to make small, daily changes that lead to big impact. We don’t have all the answers, and we’re most-certainly not perfect. But we did want to be better and we wanted to make it easier for others to make that choice too.

We believe that it's time to rethink everything and create the beauty company of the future. Eco can be for everyone, but only with thoughtful design and results that are an upgrade, not a compromise.



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