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Real ‘zero-waste' doesn't exist, but we think we're pretty close.

We found that the words 'green' or 'sustainable' to describe Everist didn't go far enough. We wanted to hold ourselves accountable to every choice that we make as a business, to force ourselves to think outside of the box with the intention to be net-neutral.

From our ingredients (biodegradable) to our packaging (infinitely recyclable) to our supply chain (local and certified Climate Neutral) we set out to build a business that would have minimal negative impact to our planet and maximal positive impact to you (hello, great hair).

Here's how we've approached it.

"1. Reject"

We reject all of the bad-for-you chemicals that can be found in beauty products. Microplastics, phthalates, etc. – hard pass. By keeping them off of you, we're also keeping them out of the environment.

"2. Reduce"

Next, we reduce wherever possible, including reducing the size of our products. At 1/3 the size of a normal bottle of shampoo, Everist products require less packaging and less carbon to ship.

"3. Reuse"

Then we focus on reusing as much as we can, from our 100% recycled kraft paper boxes and mailers to our paper packaging tape (all plastic-free).

"4. Recycle"

Then we recycle only what we believe will actually will be recycled. Our pure aluminum tubes are easily and infinitely recyclable in a curbside bin (as are our paper boxes).

"5. Repurpose"

After that we repurpose, taking back the only piece that is left - our small plastic caps - to ensure they are given a new life.

"6. Revisit"

Finally, we revisit our processes quarterly, to make sure we are tracking and offsetting our carbon impact. And to see what else we can do better.

Give Back

Our 1% for the Planet promise.

Everist was born to create revolutionary zero-waste beauty essentials that are good to our bodies and our planet.

Therefore, from the start we will be donating 1% of our sales to support the sustainable future that we believe in. Stay tuned for an update on our 2021 projects.



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Save 10% on every order and remove 1 pound of ocean-bound plastic each time your Everist products ship. By signing up for an Everist subscription, you authorize us to charge the credit card you've saved on file and ship products to you at the frequency you have selected. We'll always ship carbon-neutral and you can change your frequency or cancel at any time.
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