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Real ‘zero-waste' doesn't exist, but that doesn't stop us from trying.

We want to hold ourselves accountable to every choice that we make as a business, to force ourselves to think outside of the box with the goal to be net-neutral.

From our ingredients (plant-based) to our packaging (recycled and recyclable) to our supply chain (local and certified Climate Neutral) we set out to build a business that would have minimal negative impact to our planet and maximal positive impact to you (hello, great hair).

Here's how we've approached it.

"1. Reject"

We reject single-use plastics and petroleum-derived ingredients that don’t break down in our environment. By keeping them off of you, we're also keeping them out of our water systems.

"2. Reduce"

Next, we reduce wherever possible,
including reducing the size of our products. At 1/3 the size of a traditional bottle of shampoo, Everist products require less packaging and less carbon to ship.

"3. Reuse"

Then we focus on reusing as much as we can, from our 100% recycled kraft paper boxes and mailers to our NEW 100% recycled aluminum tubes (95% post-consumer recycled aluminum, 5% post-industrial recycled aluminum). These tubes require 70% less carbon to produce than virgin aluminum tubes.

"4. Recycle"

Then we choose materials with a high resale value and higher likelihood to be recycled. Our pure aluminum tubes can be infinitely recycled, unlike plastic which can only be downcycled once. Our cartons and mailer boxes are also fully recyclable or compostable.

"5. Repurpose"

After that we repurpose, covering postage costs to return our small plastic caps as part of our CapBack program to ensure they are given a new life.

"6. Revisit"

Finally, we revisit our processes
quarterly, to make sure we are tracking and offsetting our carbon impact 100% through our Climate Neutral Certification. We’re also a 1% of the Planet member and support PlasticBank. Continuous improvement and revisiting our current model to asses what we can do better is part of our ethos.

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Give Back

Our 1% for the Planet promise.

Everist was born to create revolutionary low-waste beauty essentials that are good to our bodies and our planet.

Therefore, from the start we have donated 1% of our sales to support the sustainable future that we believe in.


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