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Everist in the Wild: Our Tips for Eco-Conscious Cleansing in the Outdoors

By Kristina Zabelin


As you know, our Everist team loves to travel, but that doesn’t mean we always need to travel to a new city or country. Our Operations Manager, Taylor, loves adventuring through the wilderness and is here to share her tips and tricks on how to consciously shower in the wild!

As an outdoor enthusiast and explorer, I love camping and hiking through Canada’s landscapes. My home in Canada has majestic outdoors that are so good for physical and mental health, but it’s important to keep Mother Earth healthy too. From the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the serene shores of Ontario’s lakes, there are infinite adventures and opportunities for unforgettable experiences. While on backwoods trips, finding ways to bathe without plumbing is a must for me... However, it is so important to approach outdoor bathing with the utmost respect for the environment and a commitment to practicing "Leave No Trace" principles. 

I’m going to share a few tips on how to safely use shampoo, conditioner, and soap while in the backwoods, while ensuring that your bathing routine aligns harmoniously with delicate ecosystems.

Blue sky and a view of from the mountain.
Top 4 Tips for Washing in Nature:
  1. Choose biodegradable products:

When venturing into the wilderness, it is essential to select 100% biodegradable products, such as Everist shampoo, original (yellow) conditioner and body wash. Environmentally friendly options are free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and artificial dyes. By making this conscious choice, you minimize your impact on the environment and help preserve the pristine beauty for future generations. It’s important to note that no soapy products, even biodegradable, are safe to use in natural water sources.

     2. Use a portable camp shower or collapsible bucket:

To ensure responsible water usage, consider using a portable camp shower or a collapsible bucket for your outdoor bathing needs. These lightweight and compact tools enable you to control the amount of water used, avoiding unnecessary wastage. Plan ahead by estimating the water you'll require and collect it from a natural source while always adhering to local regulations or guidelines in place to protect the flora and fauna.

    3. Practice proper water disposal:

Responsible outdoor bathing means being mindful of how you dispose of the water used during your routine. Always make it a point to wash at least 200 feet (70m or walk inland for about a minute and a half) away from any water sources such as rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans. By doing so, you minimize the risk of contaminating the eco-systems and contribute to the preservation of water sources for the flourishing wildlife and fellow nature enthusiasts. When you’re done washing and ready to dump the water, check to see if your campsite has a designated greywater drain. If not, then just dig a hole about 6 inches deep to dispose of any soapy water. Fun fact - bacterias in the soil will biodegrade the product safely! Nature at its finest.

    4. Limit the use of soap and rinse thoroughly:

A little goes a long way! You don’t need much of Everist to get a sudsy lather. Use only the necessary amount of soap required for cleansing, focusing on areas that really need it. Afterward, ensure a thorough rinse, leaving no soapy residue on your body or in the surrounding environment. 


Taylor Sowiak, June 2023

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