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We've got some tips!

Does your hair feel weighed down or greasy after using Everist? We're here to help!

Your hair should feel super clean and voluminous after using Everist. If it doesn't, the shampoo may not be rinsing out well from your hair.

Here's what we recommend for that squeaky clean feeling:

1. Try a double cleanse

This can really help boost the bubbles! Even if you start off with a smaller does than normal and then come back for a second wash with your normal dose, it should make a big impact.

2. Rinse Well

Make sure you're getting a great lather in every section of your hair and rinse well!

3. Don't Apply The Deep Conditioner to Your Roots

If you have an oily scalp or very fine hair, only use our Deep Conditioning Concentrate on your lengths/ends as it can weigh down strands.

With these tips, we'd love for you to give Everist another go, so we'll be sending you an exclusive offer for $5 off your next order. Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox! You should receive a code within 30 minutes.


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