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We all want stuff. Good stuff. But why can't the products we buy everyday serve the earth, not work against it.

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With that goal in mind, we first concentrated our products to make them as small as possible, focused on local sourcing and only using sustainable materials. Whatever impact we cannot already reduce, we will offset to be completely carbon neutral.

Climate Neutral

First, whatever impact we cannot already reduce with our small size, local sourcing and sustainable materials, we will offset to be completely carbon neutral.

That’s things like fuel and electricity used to source and manufacture your products, and yes your shipping is net-zero too. 

We’ve committed to be climate neutral certified to ensure rigorous 3rd party standards are maintained.


Then we will transparently share the impact of those carbon-credits so you can see those dollars hard at work.

Our focus will be on programs that both sequester carbon as well as foster biodiversity (protect wildlife), such as tree planting, forest conservation, and protecting natural ecosystems.



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Save 10% on every order and remove 1 pound of ocean-bound plastic each time your Everist products ship. By signing up for an Everist subscription, you authorize us to charge the credit card you've saved on file and ship products to you at the frequency you have selected. We'll always ship carbon-neutral and you can change your frequency or cancel at any time.
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