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What’s an Everist?

By Jayme + Jessica


We named our company Everist after our customer, the everist. But what makes someone an everist?

To us, an everist is an eco-optimist. Someone who is hopeful about the future of our planet. Who understands that humans inherently want to do good and live more sustainably, and will do so if you give them the right tools and solutions.

An everist is a ‘blue sky thinker’, looking beyond the short-term and assessing the for-ever impact of the choices they make. They won’t always choose the most ‘eco’ option and they are ok with that. They will look for the solutions that work with their lifestyle, recognizing that everyone is on their own unique environmental journey.

The everist will cringe when they get their e-com order stuffed with bubble wrap. They will feel a pang of guilt when they throw their once used plastic packaging in the garbage. But they will know to be kind to themselves and to look for better next time. An everist is endearingly human and embraces their own complexity. They want their hair to look great. They want beautiful design and a sensorial experience from the products they choose to purchase. They want convenience. They want sustainability. They want it all.

An everist is not perfect and doesn’t strive to be. They know that perfection is the opposite of progress. They cannot see themselves fitting all of their trash in a mason jar, yet they also cannot see themselves taking no action against our climate and environmental crisis. They are tuned in and pay attention to where their dollars go and what vision of the future they are supporting. Sometimes they will make the eco choice. Sometimes they wont. But they are always on the look out for the latest and greatest thing to help them avoid having to make that choice at all.

The world needs more everists. More thoughtful consumption. More innovative solutions. More sharing and community. We’re here to help and uncover innovative solutions to make eco easier.

 J & J


Photo credit: @zeewipark 

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