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5 Reasons Why Everist Is The Best Shampoo For Your Hair & Scalp

1. Your Scalp Ages 6x Faster Than Your Face

Your hair health starts with your scalp. The use of harsh haircare products, heat styling tools, and frequent hair coloring can affect the scalp's health and may contribute to dryness, irritation, and premature aging. To promote scalp health, Everist concentrates have a unique patent-pending glycerin base to provide ample hydration and prevent dryness which can contribute to hair aging.

Person parting hair to reveal scalp, white background.

2. Traditional Haircare is Mostly Water

Most shampoos, conditioners and body washes are more than 70% water, made from petrochemicals and packed in single-use plastic. Everist is different. They've removed the water from their formulas to create cutting edge concentrates that are ultra clean, packed with skincare actives, and leave hair and skin happy and healthy. They also have a 77% smaller carbon footprint.

Product comparison graphic showing 'Everist' brand's sustainable packaging versus traditional plastic bottle packaging.

3. Everist is a Hybrid of Haircare and Skincare  

With more than 30% glycerin (the most powerful natural moisturiser) and 20% aloe vera (to soothe inflammation and slow scalp aging), Everist concentrates are a hybrid of haircare and skincare. There is nothing else like them. These rich creams are patent-pending and simple to use - just activate them with the water you're already using in the shower. 

Close-up texture of a creamy white substance, possibly a skincare product or food.

4. Healthy Hair Starts With A Healthy, Hydrated Scalp 

In addition to being packed with skincare ingredients, Everist concentrates are also plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free as well as being color-safe and free-from sulfates, silicones, dyes and synthetic fragrances. They also have an all-natural bond-building ingredient (a natural alternative to Olaplex). 

A collage of four images showcasing ingredients with benefits: glycerin, bond repair, rosemary oil, and aloe vera.

5. Everist is 15X+ Award-Winning For A Reason

Everist concentrates are 15x+ award-winning including awards from Elle, Bustle, Time Magazine, and being named Cosmopolitan's Best Clean Conditioner! With over 20,000 happy customers, Everist is paving the way for the future of beauty with their haircare-meets-skincare innovation. 

Comparison of dull hair before and shiny, curly hair after treatment with text labels 'Before' and 'After.'

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Every great invention starts with a story.

We left our 'big beauty' careers to start Everist with the mission to reinvent haircare for the better.   

We left our 'big beauty' careers to start Everist with the mission to reinvent haircare for the better. It didn't make sense to us that most haircare is 70% water in a plastic bottle (why are we shipping water around the world when we use these products in the shower?"). We wanted to create something that had the high- performance and highly sensorial shower experience we loved, with less waste.

We started out by trying to make 'mix-at-home- with-water formulas and several bubble explosions later we thought: Can we make this easier? Can we create something closer to what people are used to using? We got to experimenting with our best-in-class clean chemist and combined a natural powdered cleanser into a base of aloe vera and glycerin to make a creamy paste concentrate and voila 💡 our first-of-their-kind shampoo and conditioner concentrates were born (we're making this sound too easy, it was almost 2 years and 100s of formulations later).

Our hybrid concentrates (haircare in a base of hydrating skincare ingredients) are patent- pending, 15x award-winning (including Time's Best Invention and Cosmopolitan's Best Clean Conditioner) and simply activated with the water you're already using in the shower. A little goes a long way!

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20% Off The Complete Shower Ritual

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