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We’re on a mission to prove that eco products can be for everyone.

We love beauty! We’ve been in the beauty industry for a combined 20 years.

We also love this planet and found it impossible to find clean, zero-waste beauty products that lived up to our high expectations.  To make a real difference in the world, eco needs to be easy, eco needs to be high-performance, eco needs to be for everyone. So here we are – starting in haircare but plotting to take over your bathroom and beyond – with concentrated, 100% active formulas that are vetted by both beauty and sustainability experts and rated by you. The world doesn’t need another ‘green’ beauty brand swathed in plastic packaging. The world needs a place where Everists (the eco-optimists of the world) can connect and discover small, daily choices that lead to big impact.


Jessica Stevenson & Jayme Jenkins

We had the question long before we had the answer: what does a beauty company without single-use plastic look like? 

We knew from living inside the beauty world that this was a major problem, but we didn’t know quite how to fix it.  

Our next question was equally important, and shaped our vision for Everist:   

what do beauty products without single-use plastic look like, THAT WE WOULD ACTUALLY USE?

The formulas would need to be clean. They would need to be high-performance. The products would need to be convenient and easy to use. 

The brand would need to be something we could relate to on our own imperfect environmental journey. 

And so, Everist was born.   

We don’t have all the answers, and we’re most-certainly not perfect. But we figured now is the best time to start to bring together the eco-optimists everywhere and to make those daily eco choices a little bit easier. 

We’re friends first. Mamas (to fur and skin children). Travel-junkies. Founders and creators. Always curious and, most importantly, optimistic about people and our planet.


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