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Sometimes trying something new is hard.
We want to make it easier.

We know you're going to love switching to a shampoo concentrate - not only is a better option for the planet, but our 100% plant-based ingredients are amazing for your hair.

A traditional plastic bottle of shampoo is more than 70% water. We took the water out, packed in the clean and biodegradable skincare ingredients and packaged it in recyclable aluminum - a little goes a long way!

Want to know why Everist has won more than 10x beauty awards and also been named one of Time's Best Inventions? Try it for FREE, just pay $5 for shipping and you'll get a $5 credit off your first order.

3x Concentrated

So each FREE mini tin gives more than 10 washes.

You just activate a dime-sized amount with the water you're already using in the shower and watch it transform into a luxurious lather.


We've spent our career working in beauty and wanted to create a more sustainable alternative to traditional haircare.

We've captured the scent, lather and hair results (hello soft and boucy hair!) that you love.

Perfectly Portable

Our full-size aluminum tins and tubes are 3x concentrated to 100ml so perfect for your carry-on or gym bag.

They also are much smaller and lighter to ship (1/3 the size) so less carbon required. A little goes a long way.



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Save 10% on every order and remove 1 pound of ocean-bound plastic each time your Everist products ship. By signing up for an Everist subscription, you authorize us to charge the credit card you've saved on file and ship products to you at the frequency you have selected. We'll always ship carbon-neutral and you can change your frequency or cancel at any time.
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