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We're taking ownership of the impact we have on the planet.

Of course we know that taking care of the environment is shared responsibility, but first and foremost we believe that as a business we must take ownership of the impact we have on the planet.

Reducing the carbon impact of a traditional, water-filled shampoo bottle is the premise that Everist was built on. From there we've dug in and scrutinized every element of our business to have the smallest carbon footprint possible. Producing our packaging and formula locally in North America (the majority of our suppliers are within a 70 mile radius) allows us to drastically reduce our shipping impact as well as have a high level of involvement in the creation process.

Of course, when doing business there will always be some unavoidable carbon impact. To offset this we have partnered with Climate Neutral.


We're committed.

We’ve committed to become Climate Neutral Certified to ensure rigorous 3rd party standards are maintained.

Climate Neutral is an independent non-profit organization that will help us measure our carbon footprint and offset it by purchasing quality carbon credits. Of course, we will also continue to innovate in order to reduce emissions even further by making smart, conscientious choices.

Give Back

Let's do some good together.

Once our 2021 program rolls out, we will share the projects and the impact of those carbon-credits so that you can see where this investment is going.

Our focus will be on programs that both sequester carbon as well as foster biodiversity (protect wildlife), such as tree planting, forest conservation, and protecting natural ecosystems.